Promise and Refund Policy

Athena’s Promise

Athena Athletic Assessment is providing our services to you for your knowledge and development as an athlete and a person. Our staff will not share and has no intention to share any of your information with any other parties. Athena is committed to providing insightful and valuable information from our years of experience and expertise. 

Refund Policy

Athena Athletic Assessment provides samples of each of our four assessments. As a result, we have a strict no refund policy. Our services are to give you honest feedback regardless of if it is what you want to hear. Our assessment tests are remarkably accurate, however, they are subjective in nature and not meant to be an absolute. 


We are not a college counselor or an agent.  We are not offering help with recruiting. We are giving you information about yourself so that you are more self aware. Hopefully, you will gain a better understanding of what your strengths are and the areas where you may want to develop.